Dedicated Servers and VPS

Fully customized and packed with performance, we deploy your server in hours, not days and with a Linux OS of your choice. 

Our Hosting Solutions

Web Panel Hosting

Your own hestia Panel account gives you full control over hosting your own website or web based software. 


Root access using a SPICE Virt-Viewer gives you unrestricted access to the terminal with an OS of your choice.

Dedicated Server

Lease a physical HP Proliant server or cluster of servers. A great choice when you require complete control. 

Daily Backup

We'll take a snapshot of your server once each day and make it available for you to download securely.

Secure Connection

SSH into your sever or use an encrypted desktop application to remote-in to the terminal directly.

Choice of OS

We hold a library of Linux installation ISOs and we can help you chose an OS based on your intended use case.

Fast Storage

We use Solid State Drives in all our servers for responsive loading times.

Intel Xeon Processors

Xeon CPUs are designed for serious multitasking

Free Migration

If you're currently with a hosting company and want to switch, we'll take the work off your hands.

Why Choose VPS Hosting?

Like with any asset, there are advantages to renting rather than owning. When you lease a VPS or dedicated server, you're getting the benefits of an enterprise level IT infrastructure but with none of the overheads, maintenance issues  or startup investment. 

Our team of networking engineers and support technicians build and maintain a network and server infrastructure that's robust and reliable and so all you have to manage is your business, not an IT infrastructure.

Servers encounter downtime, it's inevitable. However, server redundancy and virtualization technology allows us to keep your VPS running when parts fail or even when the entire server fails. We often fix problems with servers before the user was even aware of a problem. We're even prepared for an extended mains power failure.

Only pay for what you need. A VPS is almost infinitely customizable, add or remove more CPU cores as you need them, add or remove RAM or NICs as your requirements change. Allow us to monitor your VPS and proactively advise on the best configuration. If you're paying for 8 CPU cores but your average utilization sits at around 20% then we'll recommend you drop down to using just 2 cores. 

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